Photograph of Dunja Sharbat Dar

Dunja Sharbat Dar

Research Associate & PhD Student

Research Associate & PhD Student

Office Hours

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Areas of Research

WS 2021/2022:

MA-Seminar: Resonating Religion: About the Intersection of Music and Religion

BA/MA-Seminar: Religion im gegenwärtigen Japan (Religion in contemporary Japan)

SoSe 2021:

BA/MA-Seminar: From Jedi Knights, Monster Hunting Cowgirls and a Teenage Witch – Religion in der Populärkultur
Team-Teaching with Anna Kira Hippert



Podcast about our Children's book: Melting Pod (09/2021)

Forschungsaufenthalt in Fukushima, Japan

Austauschjahr in Fukushima, Japan (2014-2015)

Research Associate of Center for Religious Studies and SaWa

Associate Lecturer of CERES Teaching

Associated of CRC 1475 „Metaphors of Religion“

Member of Studienbeirat

PhD Student of CERES Early Career Researchers' Program