Working Groups

In the CRC 1475, there are different forms of working groups, which set different emphases in their work on the (textual) material.

DiF Groups

In DiF groups there come together CRC scientists who share a common interest in a particular source or target domain. DiF groups have so far formed around the following domains:

PhiF Groups

PhiF groups bring together scientists from more closely related fields. The linguistic diversity of the material processed in the CRC means that the researchers usually only have language skills for their research area in the CRC context. However, in order to facilitate the joint textual work of several researchers, external colleagues with the appropriate language skills are also invited to PhiF groups. The following PhiF groups currently exist:

ThiF Groups

ThiF groups are about exploring different (conceptual) theories and discussing them in depth in light of the material at hand. Currently there are ThiF groups on the following topics:

MiF Groups

MiF groups focus on the in-depth discussion of different methods that are applied in the CRC and the respective subprojects. Currently, the following MiF groups exist: