image of “Much” MoRe: CRC annual meeting in the “Bergisches Land”

“Much” MoRe: CRC annual meeting in the “Bergisches Land”

At the end of September, the first annual meeting of the CRC 1475 took place in Much, a small town at the edge of the Bergisches Land region. The goal of the annual meetings is to exchange information about the project as well as current challenges and progress over several days without distractions and to enter into in-depth discussions across subproject boundaries.

During the meeting, in addition to a review of the project's progress to date, the status of the plans for the “Thesaurus of Religious Metaphors” was presented. Furthermore, the participants discussed a possible working paper series for the CRC. This series should enable the members of the CRC to publish quickly and thus enable an early discussion of the work with external researchers.

During a hike in the afternoon of the second day along the Much Poetry Trail, CRC members also had the opportunity to develop and discuss new ideas. In the evening, there was also a fireside chat with several principal investigators on the “DOs and DON'Ts” for early career researchers. The panel discussion was intended to encourage the PhD students and early postdocs of the consortium on their journey.

On the last day of the event, the participants discussed different semantic domains, selected philological traditions, and various theoretical and methodological approaches as to whether they might be suitable for (permanent) working groups.

After two successful days with many impulses for further collaboration, the annual meeting closed with an outlook on the winter semester 2022/23.