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Internal Workshop


The internal workshop “Let's annotate” will give the members of the CRC 1475 the chance to practice annotating. Through direct exchange with colleagues and the opportunity to ask questions, the aim is to create a feeling of confidence and routine in the annotation process.

The workshop will take place on both days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Affiliated Persons

Photograph of Sabrina Finke M.A.

Sabrina Finke M.A.


Universitätsstr. 90a
44789  Bochum
Office 3.08
+49 234 32-21964
Photograph of Dr. Tim Karis

Dr. Tim Karis


Universitätsstr. 90a
44789  Bochum
Office 3.10
+49 234 32-25492
Photograph of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dipper

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dipper


Universitätsstr. 150
44801  Bochum
Office GB 1/161
+49 234 32-25112
Photograph of Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert

Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert


Universitätsstr. 90a
44789  Bochum
Office 2.06
+49 234 32-23024